New Work: Rutt Family Portrait Session

I recently photographed a lifelong-family-of-friends at their beautiful hill-top home overlooking the small town of Barboursville, VA.

[Beware: non-related history lesson to follow.]

Most notably known as the birthplace of major general of the United States Army and 12th President Zachary Taylor; Barboursville is a quaint town in the rolling hills of Albemarle County. It was named after the 19th governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, James Barbour and is now home to Barboursville vineyards and the ruins of a once-beautiful house designed by Thomas Jefferson. Barboursville: where the motto is, "If you haven't been there, you should go." Ok, that's not the motto. I made that up. 

::Ahem:: Now, on with the pictures.


The David & Janelle Rutt clan was wonderful to photograph, as expected. They own PRO Auto Body in Orange, VA. PRO is one of the regions most prestigious collision centers in Central Virginia, working miracles on...well, cars. And yes, I would say that even if they were not friends. :)

I could take lots of pictures of this small man. His eyes are kind of incredible. Watch out, ladies of the future.

The Roger Rutt branch of the family has produced some fine looking children. **applause** Which is understandable given the handsome nature of the parents. 

Eric & Tori Rutt looking just as much in love as the day they got married. I enjoyed photographing their "factory" themed wedding a few years ago. 

Love this picture. Pretty sure Shauna will too since it looks like she's straight out of a hair commercial.




So, this cow isn't strictly a family member, but I thought he deserved a spot on the blog. Hey, cow.

Couldn't think of a more appropriate picture to end with. The Rutt family is a wonderful group of people. If you ever have the chance to meet them I'm sure you will agree. If you are ever in the area, I personally invite you to drop in unannounced. Just kidding Janelle...just kidding.

But seriously, if you need auto body work done, give them a call. (540) 672-4303


New Work: Valentine Richmond History Center

I had the pleasure of working with the fine folks at the Valentine Richmond History Center to update their headshots for their new website. 

A big "thank you" to Domenick Casuccio for choosing David Corle Photography for this project. The images will look great on the new white and red motif of the website. 

The Valentine is currently being renovated and updated, but fortunately for all history buffs, it is open during all the hubbub. So you can still get your history fix while the Valentine gets a makeover by planning a visit or by keeping up with their blog

Keep calm and hammer on, you awesome Valentinians.