And Now We Are Four...

I don't usually write about my family/personal life much in this space. However, I have some pretty awesome people who live in my house that you should meet.

Firstly, our newest addition came May 2, 2014. Amélie Virginia saw the light of day an uncomfortable 10 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. Laurie did what she was supposed to do (namely, kept from having the baby in the elevator) and I masterfully piloted the wheelchair at very high speeds through the lobby and waiting room before bringing it in for landing in the first open room we found. Ami was in a hurry to meet us and we couldn't have been more delighted to meet her. She weighed 6lbs 12oz at birth and came with the standard blue eyes (which are still blue) and a full crop of beautiful brown fuzz.

Amélie just a few hours after she was born.

Amélie just a few hours after she was born.

Ami at almost 2 months.

Ami at almost 2 months.

Photo credit to my wife. 

Photo credit to my wife. 



Amélie is an adorable cuddly little ball of baby fat and drool. She seriously drools buckets. I think her molars are coming in. But who cares, she loves to snuggle and thats all a dad could want.

Gemma, is a feisty, hilarious, unusually smart (no bias) and extraordinarily cute (again, no bias) two year old who loves reading books, being a "princess," and making her parents pull out their hair and laugh simultaneously. 

Gemma, at her finest, is one of the most fun experiences of being a dad. She constantly cracks me up with the things she says and the faces she makes. I feel so lucky to have this little girl.

This look...quickly becomes

This look...quickly becomes

...this look.

...this look.

Finally resulting in this. A real Gemma smile. These are rare.

Finally resulting in this. A real Gemma smile. These are rare.

None of the above would have been possible without my wife, Laurie. She is an amazing, beautiful woman who continues to surprise me with how much she is willing to put up with from me. I will be the first to admit that I am probably not the easiest person to live with. If you take into consideration the [self-diagnosed] attention deficit disorder-ish tendencies that I have, my obsession with (insert latest tech gadget, flying machine, etc) and finally the...........oh look at that, its a squirrel....right outside my office! How cool!

Laurie is focused when I am not. Which, unfortunately is 98% of the time. 


She is a great mommy to our two beautiful daughters and is my best friend. Even when I don't act like it.

Laurie is a huge help to me on the business side of things as well. Answering almost all of the emails, taking care of the accounting, basically being the backbone. I just push the trigger. 

I feel extremely blessed to have this family that I have. God is the only reason I have the people around me that I do and He is the one who gets all the praise for anything good that comes out of my life.

Then there's me. 


No explanation needed.

The Little Known Side-effects of Professional Headshots

Consider yourself warned...

If you think you may be susceptible to an over-inflated ego, please, please do not attempt the following. Do not, under any circumstances, for any reason, attempt to have a professional headshot taken of you in the near future. Past victims have reported experiencing side effects such as: a dizzying number of new "likes," a nauseous amount of friend requests, frequent episodes of over-active notification checks, and worst of all...heart palpitations from the sheer excitement and pride that comes from looking so dang professional. 


Job Catcher

In all seriousness, professional headshots can cause all of these "side-effects" and many others. Several past clients have given credit to their professional headshot as being the catalyst that landed them new jobs. Obviously this is not the guaranteed outcome of getting a new headshot, but recruiters will definitely give a second look to a profile with professional photography. Like it or not, your headshot has become a critically important part of your online profile. It has been referred to as your digital handshake and that analogy couldn't be more accurate. 

That's discrimination! Or is it?

A recent study showed that 90% of recruiters/human resources people check out social media profiles like Facebook and LinkedIn before inviting potential candidates to an interview! It's serious biz! Never before have we been so connected and simultaneously disconnected as we are today. We "connect" on LinkedIn with hundreds of people...most of which we have never met or may never meet face-to-face. Headshots that provide little incentive for a person to connect (for example, poorly lit, too far away, too close, other people in the frame, bad expression, etc) are detrimental to your personal brand. Recruiters are trained to find people suitable for positions with the company they represent. If you don't look like a person serious about your profession, you will likely be passed over by recruiters looking for candidates that have that inexplicable edge to their profile picture. 

If you need a stunning headshot that jumps off the screen and grabs the viewer by the eyeballs, (sorry for the mental image) drop us a line at or head over to the contact page. Our headshot packages start at $125.

Client(FOCUS) - Prosound


It was a pleasure to work with Chester Hull of Prosound this past summer. I traveled up to his studio just outside of Charlottesville, Va to photograph him in an environmental type setting. Chester is THE guru of on-hold marketing. An "on-hold caller experience expert," to put it another way.

Prosound as a company is incredible at making their clients feel completely taken care of. From consultation, recording and installation through completion, Prosound handles the whole phone system and caller experience.

Environmental Portrait

Working with very limited space, I created an environmental portrait of Chester that brought some of what he does and the tools he uses into the picture. We took the following shot in a room that he uses for recording and mixing audio. I liked the texture and visual interest of the sound-dampening foam on the walls, so I chose to uplight it to bring out the shape and texture...I should mention, the room was about 8'X8'.


I actually shot this picture with my back jammed into the corner AND underneath a desk.


Have a great weekend everybody! And remember, when it comes to on-hold phone systems, Chester with Prosound is your man.