My name is David Corle. I could bore you with technical jargon from the single photography class I took as an elective during my community college days, but I don’t remember much. What I do remember is this - I love making portraits of people. I do this professionally now after doing what I didn’t love for far too long. The love that I have for photography was fed in part by one of my five siblings, Heidi. She had a deep love for black and white photography and enjoyed taking portraits with her medium format Kiev camera. I was inspired by the work that she did and a fire was kindled at the age of ten or twelve. I remember making my own pinhole camera with a cardboard box and 120 film. I gathered my friends together for a crappy portrait and was only slightly disappointed when I got the film developed and feasted my eyes on the blurry, washed out, colorful blobs that were supposed to be my friends.

I love the moment when my subjects let their guard drop, allowing me to capture their true spirit. This is when great portraits are made and this is what I strive for in all my portraits. I also strive for keeping things light. I don’t take myself too seriously and have learned many good life lessons from Michael Scott.

I live in Richmond, VA with my west-coast transplanted wife and native Virginia daughter. I am the youngest of six kids. I love Helvetica Neue and hate Comic Sans. I shoot Canon but don’t hate Nikon and I’m ready to help you love pictures of yourself.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to drop me a note just to say hi, contact me for photography rates or just to hang out and talk about stuff that photography nerds like to talk about.